Monday, 15 October 2018

Alternatives to Fibre?

    As mentioned in our previous post about our Richwood Fibre Initiative, many of us can not wait until our area will finally get connected via Fibre. Either due to our Job, usage of Netflix, multiple people household - or gaming, we are just not happy with ADSL.

    So what are the alternatives until we get FTTH? Luckily there are some:


    Yes, this seems obvious, but unfortunately only applies to those lucky who can at least get 10Mbit ADSL or VDSL (20 or 40Mbit).

    • Pros:
      • semi-available (speeds differ from street to street - e.g. VDSL won't be available everywhere in Richwood)
    • Cons:
      • dependent of Telkom (think twice about this)
      • requires a DSL Line
      • higher latency
      • no guaranteed bandwidth
      • relatively expensive
    • Costs: R1767 for a bundled and uncapped/unthrottled VDSL line from Afrihost


    Again, high-speed coverage may vary. Very flexible installation though. Anyone with experience on how well Netflix works on LTE?

    • Pros:
      • cheapest solution
      • easiest to setup (e.g. no installation needed)
    • Cons:
      • unreliable / speeds can differ greatly
      • no uncapped nor unthrottled offerings
    • Costs: R799 for a throttled and capped package from Telkom

    Wireless (Wifi point-to-point)

    You guessed it: no coverage guaranteed (see how important FTTH is?)

    • Pros:
      • available
      • guaranteed bandwidth
      • low latency
      • if you can spend the money, you can achieve 100 Mbit already now
    • Cons:
      • can be unstable (due to interferences)
      • most expensive
      • quite intensive/complex installation required
    • Costs: R1553 for a 20Mbit uncapped/unthrottled Line from Wibre
    • Please see this following thread for some recommendations:

    Please use the comments below to share your experience :)

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