Saturday, 28 January 2017

Review: Pest Control Specialists AJ's & Sons

    Who would have known that within a week of installing a wifi dish (*cough* UniFi please do a better job securing your outdoor devices against insects! *cough*) it would already be housing a tennis ball sized wasp nest!?

    Well surely we did not know that, and the only way we can explain this is that the technician had honey on his fingers still from his breakfast 😄... Jk, apparently wasps have very random reasons to house in a place as long as its comfortable/suiting.

    Anyways, we were very lucky and happy to find the amazing pest control specialists from "AJ's & Sons" to our rescue who were also comfortable removing wasp nests - which is not always given. The communication was done via email and WhatsApp and we were able to get it done even during the festive season.

    The specialist who came along, was very friendly and happy to educate us a little about the insects and even "proudly" showed us the dead wasp nest in his hands. It amazed us quite how quick these insects can build a house.
    He was highly efficient and equipped with a portable ladder (the wifi dish was mounted on the top of a wall) he was in and out in less than an hour. He use a manual pressure pump to spray some liquid on the spot.

    We were very satisfied with their work that we requested their service just a week later for our cockroach infestation and sure enough we were impressed again.

    It is always a good sign if they use a special gel that works as a roach bait instead of gas-bombing your place. It takes up to 6 weeks for a full effect, but comes with a 9 month warranty.

    I am assuming they are using similar baits as described in the video below (which is super informative btw.), but it is made in such a way that the gel can bait roaches over a long term of many months. Also they are much more experienced, know the cockroach hot spots and can therefore work through a house very quick.


    • absolutely none...


    • Fast and uncomplicated communication via email & WhatsApp
    • Highly efficient worker
    • Friendly and helpful
    • Only eco friendly methods that are safe for the whole family and pets
    • Very reasonable pricing comparable to the competition
    Recommendation: 💯

    AJ's and Sons Pest Control Specialists (from Edgemead) | www | @ | 021 558 0758 | fb

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    1. I was looking for pest control expert in Cape Town, so it was nice meeting Mrs. S. Young because her team helped eliminating all kinds of pests from and garden, apart from bird proofing the property in a risk-free manner.