Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to simply save R10 on Weet-Bix!

    The pricing scheme in Cape Town (or maybe whole of South Africa even?) always baffled me. I am used to a pricing scheme where there is a price reduction on higher quantities, but shopping here might not show any difference on larger quantities or have even the opposite effect.

    For example Cell-C, for many years would sell different sized data bundles but the bundles would always break down to the same price per unit (in this case MB) - this has only changed recently, so buying larger bundles today actually effects a cheaper price per unit/MB.

    Now with groceries I am seeing something similar, and every now and then I would even see the opposite pricing scheme being put in place. Meaning: the smaller the package, the lower the price per broken down unit.

    So let me explain how we saved almost R10 on buying Weet-Bix at the Shoprite in Bothasig as it was pretty obvious:


    There were different Weet-Bix packages in the shelf, the main difference was the weight. The first picture is of the 450g box priced at R18,99 - one would assume the box with double the weight of 900g (e.g. second picture) would be at a minimum double the price, if not even slightly cheaper.
    However the math tells a different story: 2 x R18,99 = R37,98 😱

    Thats right, the 900g box is almost R10 more expensive than just getting two of the smaller 450g box which would equal to the same weight!

    I am sure this is not news to a lot of peeps, but meant as a reminder: always check & compare the prices! This can be done across different products and packaging by looking at the price per unit:

    So watch the price, sometimes less is more ✌

    (This blog post is meant as an example and the prices were accurate on the date of the picture but do not necessarily reflect current prices)

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    1. The smaller box was on special, that's not the usual price